Flexible Commission Structure that Suits You.

AKD Trade Commission Structure

Share Price Commission Roll Over
Upto 4.99 Re. 0.03 0.01
5.00 - 99.99 Re. 0.05 0.01
100.00 - 199.99 Re. 0.10 0.02
200.00 and Above 0.05% of Share Value 0.02

  • All figures mentioned above are in Pak Rupees
  • The same commission rate will be applicable on Delivery as well as Day Trade transactions
  • The Day Trade Commission will be charged on ONE side ONLY.
  • The Roll Over Charges are applicable on Future’s Trading ONLY

List of Taxes and Other Charges
  • Sind Sales Tax (SST): 13% of Brokerage Commission.
  • Capital Value Tax (CVT): 0.01% on total amount of buying.
  • Capital Gain Tax(CGT): CGT rates on capital gains arising on Disposal of Securities listed at Pakistan Stock Exchange (“PSX”) shall be as under:

S. No.

Holding Period
Tax Year 2017 Tax Year 2018
Securities Acquired before July 1, 2016 Securities Acquired before July 1, 2016 Securities Acquired on or after July 1, 2016 Securities Acquired on or after July 1, 2016
Filer Non-Filer Filer Non-Filer Filer Non-Filer
Tax-Rate Tax-Rate Tax-Rate Tax-Rate Tax-Rate Tax-Rate
1. Where holding period of a security is less than twelve months. 15% 18% 15% 18%


2. Where holding period of a security is twelve months or  more but less twenty-four months. 12.50% 16% 12.50% 16%
3. Where holding period of a security is twenty-four months or  more but the security was acquired on or after 1st July, 2013. 7.50% 11% 7.50% 11%
4. Where the security was acquired before 1st July, 2013* 0% 0% 0% 0% 0% 0%

CDC Charges:
  • CDC Sub Account Opening / Maintenance charges: Rs. 400/= (per annum)
  • CDC handling charges: Rs 0.005 per share (on delivery transaction only)
  • CDC shares transfer charges(outwards): Rs 5/= (for every lot of 500 shares or less)
  • CDC charges for transfer of physical shares to CDC: Rs 50/= (for every lot of 500 shares or less).

NCCPL Charges:
  • Annual UIN Maintenance Charges:
    Rs. 200/= per annum per UIN (for Individual Accounts)
    Rs. 2500/= per annum (for Corporate/Fund Accounts)
  • CGT Computation Fee: Fixed Fee (per annum) is charged by the NCCPL for computation and determination of CGT on the total value of transactions as per the following schedule:

a Traded values less than Rs.100, 000 0
b Traded values from Rs.100,000 and less than Rs.5 Million 240
c Traded values from Rs.5 Million and less than Rs.10 Million 360
d Traded values from Rs.10 Million and less than Rs.50 Million 1,000
e Traded values from Rs.50 Million and less than Rs.100 Million 2,500
f Traded values from Rs.100 Million and less than Rs.500 Million 7,000
g Traded values from Rs.500 Million and less than Rs.1 Billion 30,000
h Traded values from Rs.1 Billion and less than Rs.5 Billion 40,000
i Traded values Rs.5 Billion and above 60,000

Statement Courier Charges:
  • Rs 50 for local couriers i.e. within Pakistan.
  • Actual courier charges incurred for international couriers.

Minimum Account Balance Requirement:
  • A minimum of Rs 5,000/- has to be maintained at all times to keep the account active. It can be in the form of Cash, Shares or combination of both.

System response, Account access times, Trade executions may differ due to various factors including Market conditions, System performance, quote delays. There can be considerable risk of loss in electronic trading.
It is therefore important for you to consider if such trading is suitable for you with respect to your situation and financial resources.

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