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AKD Trade is the Pioneer of Online Trading in Pakistan and has made stock trading simpler, faster, transparent and cheaper by providing unmatched services. Our mission is to provide retail investors maximum access to Pakistan's capital markets. Ever since the inauguration of AKD Trade back in 2002, we have been constantly trying to provide all the services and tools required for trading stocks at very affordable rates.

There are a number of reasons why you should trade stocks with AKD Trade, some of which are given below:

  • Pioneers of Online Stocks Trading in Pakistan
  • Proven Track Record of Reliability and Trustworthiness
  • Low Commission Rates
  • State of the art Technology and Latest Stock Trading Applications
  • Experienced and Considerate Customer Support Services
  • NO Restrictions on Cash Withdrawals OR Share Transfers
  • Cutting Edge Research Reports
  • Experienced and Considerate Customer Support Services

Why us

NO Hidden Charges
Hassle Free Withdrawal
Happy Customers
Online Funds Transfer
Off Hour Order
Pioneers of Online Stocks Trading in Pakistan

AKD Trade has the distinct honor of initiating Online Trading in Pakistan which enabled investors to trade at the Pakistan Stock Exchange from anywhere around the globe using internet.

This initiative came at a time when the investor base at the PSX was very limited and the general public had a very restricted access to stock exchange due to complex trading and settlement mechanism of the conventional model. In fact, nobody in the industry was ready to take up the challenge of providing convenience to the retail investors and bring transparency and reliability in the stocks business; as launching online trading facility required quite a lot of investment in the systems as well as human resources as compared to the conventional model.

But it was the vision of Mr. Aqeel Karim Dhedhi – Chairman AKD Group, who had foreseen the future of stock trading that despite all the negative sentiment prevailing in the industry and huge investment required for launching the same, we finally came up with the solution and introduced online trading in Pakistan.

Proven Track Record of Reliability and Trustworthiness

It has been almost a decade when AKD Trade was inaugurated back in 2002. During this tenure, the stock market has seen a number of ups and downs but all these yester years bear witness to AKD Trade’s track record that no AKD Trade client has ever been deprived of his right to withdraw cash or shares even in the worst times.

This is why; AKD Trade is always rated on top of the list amongst all the leading stock brokerage houses in Pakistan. The trust and reliance of the people upon AKD Trade is also evident from the fact that we have one of the largest clientele in the Online Stocks Trading Industry.

Low Commission Rates

The Commission Rates at AKD Trade are very competitive. Our commission structure is designed in such a way that you are charged with low commissions not only on the Low-Priced Stocks but Blue Chips, giving you a complete freedom of trading stocks of your own choice at very affordable rates.

Share Price Commission Roll Over
Upto 4.99 Re. 0.03 0.01
5.00 - 99.99 Re. 0.05 0.01
100.00 - 199.99 Re. 0.10 0.02
200.00 and Above 0.05% of Share Value 0.02

  • All figures mentioned above are in Pak Rupees.
  • The same commission rate will be applicable on Delivery as well as Day Trade transactions.
  • The Day Trade Commission will be charged on ONE side ONLY.
State of the art Technology and Latest Stock Trading Applications

We always strive to provide you with the best of what online trading has to offer. The current stock trading applications of AKD Trade are one of the best of their kind and can easily be compared with any international brands.

No Hidden Charges

We at AKD Trade do not charge our clients with any kind of Hidden Charges. All you have to pay is the AKD Trade Commission, Government Taxes and CDC Charges, which are already disclosed at the time of account opening and also available at our website. The AKD Trade Commission is inclusive of all other charges e.g. laga (PSX conventional charges), PTR and SEC charges.

Similarly, we do not charge any kind of account opening, account maintenance or custodian charges.

There are no penalties or charges imposed on cash withdrawal or share transfers.

NO Restrictions on Cash Withdrawals OR Share Transfers

AKD Trade account is your own account i.e. you may withdraw your unutilized funds or transfer your shares at any point of time as per your requirement and similarly deposit the same as and whenever you like.

Cutting Edge Research Reports

AKD Research is considered as one of the best in the industry. We provide our clients with technical as well as fundamental analysis round the week. Similarly, we also keep our clients updated with necessary updates in the form of Previews and Reviews, before and after the results of major blue chip companies.

The AKD Research is available to all AKD Trade accountholders irrespective of the size of their accounts. Our research team always tries to help you in making well-informed and timely decisions.

Experienced and Considerate Customer Support Services

Our motto is to provide our customers with the highest standard of customer care. We have a fully equipped call center with trained and courteous staff to answer your queries and provide real-time guidance.

Off Hour Order Placement Facility

We do offer an Off Hour Order Placement Facility to our clients specially those either who do not have the access to their trading accounts during market timings or overseas clients having time differences.

System response, Account access times, Trade executions may differ due to various factors including Market conditions, System performance, quote delays. There can be considerable risk of loss in electronic trading.
It is therefore important for you to consider if such trading is suitable for you with respect to your situation and financial resources.

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