Legal Notice

In case any dispute in connection with the trade or transaction between the Broker and the Account Holder is not settled amicably, either party may refer the same to arbitration in accordance with the provisions of General Regulations of the Exchange, which shall be binding on both the parties. The Account Holder hereby agrees that he would have no objection if his name and other relevant particulars are placed on Exchange's database accessible by members of the Exchange if he fails or refuses to abide by or carryout any arbitration award passed against him in his dispute with the Broker.

Investment Disclaimer

AKD TRADE will not be liable for losses incurred directly or indirectly by circumstances beyond its control including but not limited to government restrictions, natural disasters, wars, strikes, exchange or market rulings, interruptions of data processing services and communications, or disruptions in orderly trading on any market or Stock Exchange. The Client assumes all market and other specific risks of the Investments, which the Client makes. AKD TRADE shall not be responsible or liable for any error, omission or mistake appearing in the list of shares annexed to any bill of cost or for any consequences arising there from. AKD TRADE shall not be liable for any fluctuation in the market prices of the Securities purchased or sold on account of the Client for any reason whatsoever and the net rates/prices of confirmations of sale or purchases shall be considered as the concluded final rates/prices binding upon both the parties. AKD TRADE shall not be liable for any fraud, forgery, misdeclaration or any other acts or omissions on part of any constituent and/or Member of the Stock Exchange and/or the Stock Exchange and/or their respective clients and the Securities shall be deemed to have been purchased or sold at the risk and cost of the Client with no obligations on AKD TRADE. In the event of failure or refusal to effect delivery against any purchase contract by any Member of the Stock Exchange through whom AKD TRADE may have purchased the Securities or refusal to accept delivery against any sale contract by any Member of the Stock Exchange through whom AKD TRADE may have sold the Securities, AKD TRADE shall not be liable for any damages, costs or legal expenses which the Client may suffer or sustain and in any of the above stated events the rules and regulations of the Stock Exchange will prevail and be binding upon AKD TRADE and the Client. AKD TRADE shall not be liable for any losses or damages to the Client for any reason what so ever, in respect of any actions of AKD TRADE or any other persons in pursuance of or in connection with this Agreement. All investment decisions shall be made for the benefit and at the sole risk of the Client and AKD TRADE and/or any of its employees, representatives, agents etc. shall not be responsible if the Client sustains any loss from such investment decisions.

Financial Portal

The information provided on this web page, and sub links there in, is not intended for any distribution, or usage by any other person or entity other than the clients of Akd-Trade. Neither the information, nor any opinion constitutes a solicitation or offer by AKD Trade or its affiliates to buy or sell any securities or provide any investment advice or service.

The information herein has been compiled carefully and believed to be accurate, however the same cannot be guaranteed.

Important Note

System response, Account access times, Trade executions may differ due to various factors including Market Conditions, System performance, quote delays. There can be considerable risk of loss in electronic trading. It is therefore important for you to consider if such trading is suitable for you with respect to your situation and financial resources.