Accessing Pakistan’s financial markets has never been easier. With only a few simple clicks and document uploads, you can access various investment opportunities in one of the Asia’s best performing Stock Market

Roshan Digital Account

Roshan Digital Account is a breakthrough initiative of the State Bank of Pakistan providing a unique opportunity to our Overseas/Non-Resident Pakistanis (NRPs) to digitally open a bank account in any of participating back within 48 hours without submitting any physical forms and documents.

Utilities & Benefits of Roshan Digital Account:

The Roshan Digital Account (RDA) fully integrates the Pakistani diaspora with Pakistan’s banking and payment system by allowing them utilizing a full range of banking products and investment options. Some of the key benefits of RDA are:

  • • Repatriation of Funds back to the accountholder’s country of stay allowed, if invested in:
  • • Pakistan Stock Exchange through CDC
  • • Naya Pakistan Certificates
  • • Approved Mutual Funds
  • • Approved Real State Schemes
  • • Can be utilized for household expenses, paying utility bills, educational expenses, etc.
  • • Roshan Apni Car
  • • Roshan Samaji Khidmat
  • • Any other payments and investments (Non Repatriable)
  • • Reduced Tax Rates and Remittance Charges

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Stock Market Investments via Roshan Digital Account:

Besides a wide range of utilities and benefits of the Roshan Digital Account, one of the most unprecedented advantages of the RDA is the Stock Market Investment option, through which an Overseas/ Non-Resident Pakistani or any Pakistani having declared assets outside Pakistan can now invest in the shares listed at the Pakistan Stock Exchange, without going into any complex Stocks Trading account opening mechanism. All you need to have is a Pak Rupees Roshan Digital Account with any of the following Participating Banks integrated with the Central Depositary Company of Pakistan Limited (CDC) for providing Stocks Investments facility:

For Conventional Trading (Across the board; in all 530 plus companies):

  • 1. Bank Alfalah,
  • 2. United Bank,
  • 3. Habib Bank,
  • 4. MCB Bank,
  • 5. Samba Bank,
  • 6. Habib Metro Bank, (In Process)

For Sharia Compliant Trading (in 210 plus companies considered to be sharia compliant)*:

  • 7. Meezan Bank
  • 8. Faysal Bank
  • 9. Dubai Islamic Bank (Pakistan)

* Some Key Restraints in Sharia Compliant Trading: All Roshan Digital Accounts being processed through Meezan, Faysal and Dubai Islamic Bank would only be allowed Sharia Compliant Trading;

  • i. Can only trade in a total of 209 companies, currently being considered as Sharia Compliant, out of a total 530 plus companies listed at the PSX.
  • ii. Cannot day trade or sell any stock even on the very next day of purchasing i.e. before it is delivered into your CDC account on T+2 settlement mechanism.
  • iii. Cannot trade in Right Shares (being considered as Non-Compliant by nature)
  • iv. Strictly cash based and any kind of leveraged trading is not allowed except sharia compliant financing only.

Some Key Benefits and Important Points to Know:

  • i. The Stocks Trading option is only available in PKR Roshan Digital Bank Accounts.
  • ii. The facility to repatriate your funds back to your country of stay is only available in the RDA account.
  • iii. Zakat is exempted on dividends while Withholding Tax on dividends and Capital Gain Tax on RDA to be taxed at the minimum rate (15%) of those who submit their annual tax returns.
  • iv. All book keeping, custody of funds/securities, and settlement obligations of the stocks trading account through RDA are undertaken by the CDC and the trading facility is extended by AKD Securities Limited through our online applications synced with the CDC.
  • v. An RDA account can only be funded through remittances from abroad from the very same bank account through which it will be opened and repatriation of funds through the same bank account would also be possible. It can never be funded through any other source, bank account either local or even a Roshan Digital.
Simplified Stocks Trading Account Opening Mechanism through RDA:

(Digital processing through banks online portals)

Stocks trading account opening was never so easy, it has become for our overseas Pakistani Community with the introduction of RDA.

  • 1. All you need to do is to visit the website of any of the participating banks (integrated with CDC) and initiate your bank account opening process by filling in their online forms, providing the required details and uploading the required documents on the selected banks portal.
  • 2. Once your bank account will be opened and you will receive the login credentials from the bank, you may then login into your online bank account and select the Stock Market Investment / CDC Account Opening option from the banks online portal.
  • 3. You will be required to agree upon the Terms and Conditions and then ultimately select AKD Securities Limited as your preferred broker from the list of brokers providing RDA facility.
  • 4. Once you will make the required selection and give your consent on the relevant terms and conditions, all your details and documents, which you had provided to the bank at the time of applying for the bank account opening, will be forwarded to CDC and would ultimately reach us.
  • 5. Your Account will then be opened with the CDC and AKD Securities Limited within next three working days, provided that we have received all your information and documents in line with our requirements.

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Why Choose AKD Securities Limited:

Some key services being extended to our valued AKD clients include:

AKD Trading Platforms: As far as our services are concerned, we will be providing you the platform for carrying out online stocks trading transactions; you may just login into your AKD Trade account and explore all the options available in our trading platforms.

AKD Trade Cast: You may download our main trading platform (for desktop/laptop) from

AKD Tick: Mobile trading app available at Google Play Store for Androids

AKD iTick: Mobile trading app available at App Store for iOS.

AKD Analytics: Besides a variety of other features available in our trading applications, there’s a link of AKD Analytics in AKD TradeCast, where you can find a wide range of fundamental data as well as technical tools including advanced chartings allowing you to make comprehensive decisions not only for selecting the right stocks but also deriving your own levels suiting your own style and standards.

AKD Research: We will also be sending you Research Reports on daily basis on your given email address not only covering important happenings and key information regarding different companies, sectors of the market but the overall economy as well.

AKD Equity Advisory Desk: An Equity Advisory service for consulting investment and trading decisions, is also available to all AKD Trade account holders (having a minimum portfolio of PKR 1 Million) and can be availed by requesting at There are no additional charges for availing this facility.

AKD Commission Structure and Charges: We have one of the most compatible Commission Structure (attached with the email) and Schedule of Charges among all the market participants with no hidden charges in any scenario. Our Commission is inclusive of PSX, SEC and NCCPL transaction charges, which are generally passed on to the client in the industry.

AKD Customer Support: An Interactive Voice Recording based Call Centre facility through UAN: +9221-111-253-253 for trading as well as customer support, dedicated land line number +9221-35867109 for queries related to RDA account opening and support (9:00 am to 5:00 pm PST on working days) and official email channel of for any queries or concerns.

Funds Transfer Facility: In order to start your trading activity and further deposits onwards, you would be required to transfer funds to the designated bank accounts of CDC. Usually the amount gets credited to your trading account within two hours.

Withdrawal Facility: Any unutilized funds can be withdrawn at any point of time and would be transferred to your linked Roshan Digital Bank Account bank). Funds withdrawal request can be made via email at

Transparent Records and Credibility: Our clients can always access their online accounts, their relevant statements/records and can reconcile it anytime. We very strongly believe in conducting the business in a very transparent n conducive manner and have a proven track record of credibility and reliability.

Pioneering Initiative: AKD Securities Limited is the flagbearer of innovation in the Stocks Brokerage industry of Pakistan and has multiple accreditations to its credit as we always look forward to provide best of the best solutions and services to our valued clients, some of which (specifically with regards to RDA) include;

  • 1. One of the very First Brokerage Firm to be integrated with CDC and introduced the RDA facility.
  • 2. First and the Only Brokerage Firm to develop and introduce the actual average buying price in our applications for our valued RDA clients.
  • 3. Coming up with another much awaited demand of the RDA clients across the board, where our clients would be able to see their portfolios after the market hours and would also be able to place their online orders during off hours.

For any queries or concerns related to RDA account opening, please contact us through the following channels:

Call Centre: +9221-111-253-253

UAN: +9221-111-253-111 Ext: 691

Direct: +9221-35867109


System response, Account access times, Trade executions may differ due to various factors including Market conditions, System performance, quote delays. There can be considerable risk of loss in electronic trading.
It is therefore important for you to consider if such trading is suitable for you with respect to your situation and financial resources.

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