Open an
account with
an Equity of Rs.100,000/- only.

AKD Trade Account Opening Application Form

You may open an account with AKD Trade without even physically appearing at our office with a minimum initial balance of Rs 100,000/-, which can be in the form of Cheque/Pay Order, shares or combination of both, provided that you have the following;

  • A Valid Pak Rs Bank Account,
  • An Email Address,
  • Landline and Cell Numbers.

You will only be required to submit the following documents:

Documents Required:
Attested photocopies of CNIC/NICOP of the Applicant.
Attested Photocopies of CNIC/NICOP of the Joint Account Holder or Nominee. (whichever is applicable)
Zakat Declaration on PKR 50 Stamp Paper (Optional).
Cheque / Pay Order / Online Transfer / Physical Shares / List of CDC Shares.

You may open an account online by visiting the link Open Digital Account

You may view our Fee and Commission here

You may also visit any of our Branch Offices as per your convenience. For any further queries regarding account opening procedures, please feel free to contact us at our Call Centre UAN: 111-253-253.

Please Note: A minimum balance of Rs 5,000/- has to be maintained in all AKD Trade accounts at all times. However, any AKD Trade account holder wishing to close his/her AKD Trade account or withdraw his/her full account balance, will be required to produce a Tax Clearance Certificate as per the CGT Rules and Regulations.

CDC Sub Account Opening Form

Please make sure that all the fields of the New Standardized CDC Sub Account Opening Form (SAOF) are properly filled as per the following instructions:

  • The Name of the Main Applicant should be as per his/her CNIC/NICOP/Passport.
  • Permanent Address is mandatory and should not be any Business Address.
  • If the Mailing Address is same as Permanent Address, you may write “Same as above” in the Mailing Address.
  • Mention the Expiry Dates of the CNIC/NICOP/Passport.
  • Contact Person should only be the Main Applicant or Joint Applicant and please do not fill the sub clauses (b – h) of point # 9.

  • The Name of the Joint Applicant should be as per his/her CNIC/NICOP/Passport.
  • Permanent Address is mandatory and should not be any Business Address.
  • Mention the Expiry Dates of the CNIC/NICOP/Passport.
  • Affix Signatures of the Main Applicant at the end of Page # 2 of the SAOF even there isn’t any Joint Applicant.
  • Joint Applicant No. 2 and 3 should not be filled.

Section C: OTHER INFORMATION (Page # 3)
  • Dividends are directly credited into your bank account; you need to provide the complete details of your bank account along with the IBAN number (i.e. PK42MEZN0001070100289797).
  • If you are holding an ordinary CNIC then mark your Residential Status as “Pakistani Resident” or “Pakistani Non-Resident” for a NICOP.
    Note: In case of a Joint Account, both the Main Applicant as well as the Joint Applicant must have the same Residential Status.
  • Duly filled and Notarized Zakat Declaration (CZ – 50) on Rs 50 Stamp Paper is required for Zakat Exemption on Dividends.
  • The name of the Nominee should be as per his/her CNIC/NICOP/Passport.
  • Nominee can only be a blood relative as appended on the SAOF and it should be the same as nominated by you in your AKD Trade account.
  • Nominee Details should not be filled in case of a Joint Account.

Section D: CDC SMS / IVR / WEB SERVICES (“CDC access”) (Page # 3)
  • Local Mobile Number, Date of Birth, Mother’s Maiden Name and Email Address of the Contact Person are required.
  • If you do not wish to subscribe to SMS Service then please affix your signatures in front of point # 1 (b).

  • Mention the Names of the Main Applicant and Joint Applicant (if applicable) as Signatories, affix the Signatures right next to the names and select the option: Either (Singly) or Survivor.

Section F: BANK VERIFICATION (Page # 4)
  • Provide the required bank account details of the Main Applicant (including Signatures) and get it verified from the Manager / Authorized Officer of the Bank, where the Main Applicant is maintaining the account.
  • If you have a NICOP/POC and living outside Pakistan then you have the option of providing verified documents (duly attested by the Pakistan Embassy/Consulate) instead of bank verifications.

  • Mention the names of the Main Applicant and Joint Applicant (if applicable), Date, Place and affix the Signatures.
  • Do not write anything in the Name of Participant or in the Participant’s Seal & Signature as it is for office use only.
  • Get the Signatures of Two witnesses along with their Names and CNIC numbers.

  • Affix the Signatures of the Main Applicant and Joint Applicant (if applicable) at the end of every page of the SAOF i.e. from Page # 1 to 5, at every specific instance (wherever required) and also on corrections/over writings (if any).
  • Do not write any thing on page # 7 of the SAOF as it is for office use only.
  • Attach the attested copies of the CNIC’s/NICOP’s/Passport of the Main Applicant and Joint Applicant/Nominee (whichever is applicable).
  • If any of the CNIC/NICOP/Passport is expired then please submit an attested copy of the updated document (as and when received).

System response, Account access times, Trade executions may differ due to various factors including Market conditions, System performance, quote delays. There can be considerable risk of loss in electronic trading.
It is therefore important for you to consider if such trading is suitable for you with respect to your situation and financial resources.

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