Introduced in 2019, the Sahulat Account is established for low risk residential customers with brokers undergoing a simplified KYC to trade only in the Ready Delivery Contract Market of the PSX. Sahulat Account is for the retail investors who want to invest in the stock market with utmost confidence and simplicity. An investor can start by just filling a simplified account opening form and Submitting copy of CNIC.

Investors who are pressed for time or find the account opening process cumbersome, the Sahulat Account is the ideal solution to their quest for opening an account to invest in the stock market through AKD Securities Ltd. Students, housewives, novice investors or others who cannot fulfil stringent account opening requirements, the Sahulat Account is the optimal solution.

The Sahulat Account facility was introduced to facilitate new investors who fall in the low-risk category. This account keeps the interest of retail investors at the forefront while making the account holder’s entry in the market a simple process.

Salient Features
  • Easy entry in Stock Market
  • Simplicity of Account Opening
  • Minimal Documentation and Simplified KYC

  • Sahulat Account can be opened for each investor as a single individual
  • Sahulat Account holder can convert their account to Normal trading Account
  • Investors can trade freely in Delivery Contracts Market also known as Ready market
  • Online Trading Facility available for Sahulat Account Holder.

Click on the link to setup your account:

System response, Account access times, Trade executions may differ due to various factors including Market conditions, System performance, quote delays. There can be considerable risk of loss in electronic trading.
It is therefore important for you to consider if such trading is suitable for you with respect to your situation and financial resources.

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